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Wholesale Beautician - IMGRO Beauty

As a beautician wholesale we understand what is needed for a successful treatment. As a professional beautician the clients trust in your experience and knowledge. The clients trust you as a professional. If anything does not go according to plan, you are able to improvise and fix the problem. This is what experience and a high level of skill can do. As a professional you look to improve yourself everyday. IMGRO Beauty offers several beautician workshops to improve your level of skill. A professional does not only rely on its knowledge, but also on the quality of the tools and products. At IMGRO Beauty you will also find all the products and tools you need. We have instruments, tools, treatment products and care products that fit the high quality expectation for your treatment.


With a good waxing technique, a professional can create a perfectly smooth skin. There are a lot of different waxing techniques to use. The different techniques and your personal preference, ask for a large variety in waxing products. Your beautician wholesale IMGRO Beauty offers plenty of choice in waxing products. The waxing products of Clean+Easy suit several different waxing techniques and the quality of these products is high. IMGRO Beauty is an exclusive distributor of the hygienic waxing brand PhD. PhD wax is easy to use and of high quality. Order all your waxing pots, blocks, rollers, granules and sugar wax at IMGRO Beauty for low prices and quick dispatch!

Eyelashes & Eyebrows

A treatment of eyelashes or eyebrows is always a delicate task. The result determines the look of your client and is directly visible. Take precautionary measures when dyeing eyebrows and using peroxides. The products of Refectocil and Combinal for an eyebrow or eyelash treatment are of high quality and can be ordered directly in our webshop. Special tweezers for eyelash treatments can also be found at the wholese for beauticians IMGRO Beauty.

Skin Care

As a professional beautician you have the knowledge of the different skin care products and their effects. There is a difference between solitary products and synergistic products. With solitary products the result depends on the use of that single products for a certain length of time. A number of brands offer complete salon treatment with synergistic products. These products work together to achieve a desired effect. Often the client will be advised to use certain self-care products at home to continue the treatment. Beautician wholesale IMGRO Beauty offers a wide range of skin care products.

Newest beauty products

Wholesale Beautician - Laufwunder Nail Oil 50 ml
Laufwunder (206056-021)

Laufwunder Nail Oil 50 ml

€ 12,81 p.stk
Nail oil ideal for brittle nails
Worldwide shipment..!
Wholesale Beautician - Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salt 5Kg
Laufwunder (206002-2020)

Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salt 5Kg

€ 62,07 p.stk
Herbal bath salt to refresh burning and tired feet
Worldwide shipment..!
Wholesale Beautician - Laufwunder Cuticle Remover / Nail & Skin Softener 250ml
Laufwunder (206055-01)

Laufwunder Cuticle Remover / Nail & Skin Softener 250ml

€ 20,36 p.stk
Efficient cuticle soften and easy to treat
Worldwide shipment..!

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The basis of salon treatments

The products used by the beautician form the basis of the treatment. As a professional you rely on the quality of your wax, creams, lotions and eyebrow tint. IMGRO Beauty has these items in stock for your salon. You will also need materials like mixing bowls, disposables, brushes, tweezers and needles of good quality. This makes your work easier, better and the result will last longer. Clients tend to come back if they experienced the treatment as relaxed and organised. Good materials and products are essential to achieve this. At IMGRO Beauty you find beautiful products of fine materials and good quality.

Wholesale Beautician
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