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Every day essentials

Every professional has their daily disposables that are indispensable during the treatments. You will probably use needles, brushes and pedicure knives on a daily basis. At IMGRO Beauty we have a large variety in items that suit your preferences.


IMGRO Beauty buys most of its salon disposables and materials through the international trade market. When choosing the items we pay attention to their design and quality. The shape of a product is important for hygienic reasons. Many trendy items are not practical because it is difficult to clean them. There for trendy items are not always ideal for the professional. Also it is important to take into account the resistance of a product to wear and tear when used every day.

10.000+ Beauty products

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Environment & Salon

The environment is an important factor to us when choosing items. We are increasingly opting for products that are less harmful to the environment. Among these are for example special plastics that are easier to recycle. We advise you to collect used liquids and dispose them according to your local waste disposal regulations. Used plastic items can be sorted according to the type of plastic it is made of. Please help us to recycle and reduce our common environmental impact.

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