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herbal bath salts 5Kg Laufwunder

Laufwunder (206002-2020)
herbal bath salts 5Kg Laufwunder

Herbal bath salt to refresh burning and tired feet



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Product description

Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salt is a bath salt that has been specifically developed for feet- and handcare. The special composition with, among other things, chamomile extract finds its strength in the special ratio and mixture with a pure degree of rock salt. The bath salts dissolve easily in lukewarm water and can be used as a foot bath and as a manicure hand bath.

In case of overburdened tired and burning feet, a foot bath with Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salt has a refreshing and activating effect, the pleasant feeling is immediately felt. When bathing with Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salt, calluses and corn are softened. Because these calluses and corn are softer after the foot bath, they are easier to treat with a pedicure cutter or a callus file / callus grater.
Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salt can also be used in self-care. Walkers and people who do a lot of standing work benefit from a daily foot bath with Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salt. Laufwunder Herbal bath salts are economical in use and are already considered to be an inexpensive product.

Tip: Massage your feet after the foot bath with a foot balm from Laufwunder, Ureumline, Dimanche Classic, Gehwol or Camille-60.

Instructions for use: Dissolve 1 tablespoon of herbal bath salts in approximately 4 litres of lukewarm water.

Contents: 5kg

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herbal bath salts 5Kg Laufwunder

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