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Podiatry drill bits and grinding caps

Want to buy pedicure drillbits? We will help you find the right pedicure items. There are many cutters in our assortment. Please ask for our cutter booklet, which contains a lot of information. (PDF or by post)

Determine the hardness of the abrasive material and select your cutter from the Busch cutter range. Use abrasive caps for thick and hard calluses or choose a coarse tungsten, ceramic or gold cutter. In fact, milling cutters are NOT made for special handling, but the wide range of shapes, coarseness and materials gives you the choice n the craftsmanship to assign one or more applications to each milling cutter in your practice. Some rules of thumb are

Do NOT use coarse cutters on the nail.
Spray or extraction can be used for small jobs with very fine cutters.
The cutters are classified according to the material they are made of and also according to their coarseness. Certain shapes regularly recur in the various series. The range is wide, the choice is yours.

Diamonds are divided into coarsities Extra Fine ( EF), Fine, Medium, Coarse and Super Coarse.
Stainless steel, Tungsten, Ceramic and Speed cutters are each divided into GQSR, MQS, GX and X cuts in Medium (MX), Fine (FX) and X cuts.
Choose your pedicure cutter by shape
In our assortment you will find the ideal pedicure cutter in many different shapes. If you choose a large ball head (018 to 023), you will use it to clear the nail pits. With a small round head (smaller than 018) you can grind a groove and remove an ingrown nail corner, for example. Choose a pear or barrel shape for thinly grinding the nail surface and small calluses. Use a frisker cutter to clear nail ridges. Be sure to adjust the sharpness of the pedicure cutter to your skill level to avoid minor injuries.

Choose by coarseness

Each pedicure cutter has a set coarseness. The shapes are often produced by the factory in different coarseness and materials. If you choose a cutter from the Busch diamond series, you can determine how coarse you want to use the cutter by means of the rings. Use the cutters with the Megagrof and Supergrof rings only on hard calluses and crevices. These cutters are usually relatively large in size. The pedicure drill with the green, yellow or red ring is fine and very fine in grain. Use them for smoothing and pre-polishing the nail and skin.

Choose by material

Cutters made of normal steel are outdated. Your pedicure cutter comes into intensive contact with the skin and nails. You should clean your pedicure materials according to the HAM-code. Therefore you should work with stainless steel, diamond, ceramic or gold routers. The ceramic cutter is 20% lighter in weight. This causes less heat on the skin or nail and you work much more accurately. The grinding caps are disposable. The Dia Twister cutter is a hollow pedicure cutter. It is available from mega coarse to medium coarse, but the Dia Twister is still lightweight.

Choose type of work

For each "job" you choose a different type of router. On the nail, do not use a coarse or mega coarse cutter. Use a pedicure cutter with a small flat or conical surface on the nail. For diabetics, never use cutters with sharp edges, points or sharp corners. Busch has developed the KR, Topgrip and Sidegrip series for this purpose. On hard calluses and fissures, use a pedicure cutter with coarse to mega-coarse diamonds, but also the sgx-tungsten series is suitable for this. Run the cutter slowly (up to 18,000 rpm) and work from plane to plane. Prevent heat development by keeping your router and the router surface wet and reducing the speed and pressure on the skin.

Pedicure routers in the shop, website or first the router catalogue...
We deliver quick and inexpensive Busch milling cutters and sharpening caps. In our shops, we can provide you with good advice on the purchase of routers and milling machines. If you would like to receive a router catalogue, please contact one of our employees.

Our range of cutters consists of the following cutters.

  • Diamond cutters
  • Ceramic milling cutters
  • Stainless steel milling cutters
  • Tungsten cutters
  • Cutter sets
  • Polishing cutters
  • Amarillo cutters


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We sell an ultra wide range of pedicure cutters and grinding caps. The cutters fit very tightly into the handpieces of pedicure machines and nail grinders of known and unknown brands. Use the silicone protective caps to deflect excess dirt from the cutter or grinding head so that the handpieces remain relatively clean. Preferably use cutters with a diameter smaller than 7mm. New cutters are constantly being developed. We continuously adapt our product range to these developments. The cutters can be ordered on this webshop, but are also displayed in our shops.

Podiatry drill bits and grinding caps
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