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Home - HybridCap HC5880-L Super Coarse
Busch (Hi-260628)

HybridCap HC5880-L Super Coarse

€ 42,05 p.stk
HybridCAP for efficient removal of callus
Op voorraad
Home - HybridCap HC5880-M Super Coarse
Busch (HI-260627)

HybridCap HC5880-M Super Coarse

€ 13,23 p.stk
HybridCAP for efficient removal of callus
Op voorraad
Home - HybridCap HC8880-M Fine
Busch (Hi-260614)

HybridCap HC8880-M Fine

€ 35,53 p.stk
HybridCAP for efficient removal of callus
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IMGRO Beauty BV started off in 1938 as Bouquet BV, a wholesale agent for drugstores and barbershops. Over time the business has been growing steadily. Taking over several small companies has helped IMRGO Beauty to find new markets. In 2003 the Bouquet company took over IMGRO and the company was moved to an area near Schiphol Airport. The business continued under the name 'IMGRO Beauty'. The company expanded with 2 shops and an international webshop. IMGRO Beauty is the specialist in all required items for pedicures, nail stylists, hairdressers, barbers and masseurs.

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