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Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean and disinfect instruments and nail clippers. The quality of an ultrasonic is determined by its ability to vibrate the weight of the charge presented at a certain frequency. Some ultrasonic devices have only one frequency head, larger other ultrasonic devices have 2 or more heads. The quality of the ultrasonic heads differs enormously and this difference often makes the big price difference in the market. Our experience is also that cheap ultrasound machines don't seal well. This leads to leakage, especially during the emptying and filling of the tank. This leakage leads to electronic failures due to contact with the disinfection fluids. We have examined our ultrasonic devices beforehand and we keep a constant eye on the quality.

Ultrasonic cleaners
Ultrasonic cleaners - Ultrasoon Cleaner IC- / Orthosonic CD-3800 (B) MINI 500ml
Orthosonic (276201)

Ultrasoon Cleaner IC- / Orthosonic CD-3800 (B) MINI 500ml

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Ultrasonic IC / Ortho-Sonic with a capacity of 600ml.
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