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Hotstone heaters

The hotstone pan needs considerable power to get your stones up to temperature quickly and efficiently. On this page, we have listed the hotstone pans and stones as clearly as possible. The hotstone pan consists of an inner and outer pan. The inner pan is filled with a layer of water. The stones are 'wet'-heated in this tray. Often, the stones are placed on a white towel. The black stones stand out better than in the black pan and the pan remains better free from scratches. The size of the hotstone pan depends on the amount of stones you are going to use at the same time in a hotstone treatment.

Tip: Use an extra bowl of cooling water next to the hotstone pan. Take the stone out of the hotstone pan with a spoon and dip it briefly into the cool water before placing it on your bare skin. The contact surface will then be cool and the heat will have the opportunity to be drawn out of the stone.

Hotstone heaters
Hotstone heaters - Hotstones 18St Basalt
IMGRO Beauty (Hi-290424)

Hotstones 18St Basalt

€ 49,00 p.stk
Use these 18 smooth stones for the perfect hot stone treatment.
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Hotstone heaters - Hotstones 64St Basalt
IMGRO Beauty (290003)

Hotstones 64St Basalt

€ 99,00 p.stk
Use this comprehensive set of stones for the very complete hot stone therapy
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